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Proudly Serving the Upstate of SC
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Ultra Clean provides various outdoor cleaning services for your commercial or residential property providing the following:
  1. House Washing
    House Washing
  2. Deck & Fence Cleaning
    Deck & Fence Cleaning
  3. Roof & Gutter Cleaning
    Roof & Gutter Cleaning
  4. Concrete Cleaning
    Concrete Cleaning
​​House Washing
When Power Washing a house, the use of high pressure is a thing of the past. We utilize low pressure methods when Pressure Cleaning your home’s exterior to guarantee that our House Washing Service results in no damage whatsoever When Power Washing Vinyl Siding, using a high Pressure Washing method will result in water being forced behind your siding where it cannot evaporate; This results in mold & mildew growth in areas that cannot be properly serviced without significant cost to you!
Our low Pressure Washing method ensures that water isn’t forced behind your siding or sensitive areas of your home such as window sills. Our team is consistently trained in the latest techniques in the Pressure Washing industry to ensure that our clients receive only the BEST home Power Washing Services and the investment in their home is completely protected.
​​Deck & Fence Cleaning
Did you know that Roof Washing can significantly increase the life of your shingles?  Not many homeowners know that their roofs are actually in better condition than they think. Ultra Clean offers Professional Roof Cleaning for asphalt shingle roofs! Our Roof Washing Service is performed utilizing a non-pressure cleaning method. A hard rain actually causes more wear to your asphalt shingles than our proven Roof Cleaning Method!

Many homeowners replace their roofs prematurely when listing their home on the market or when they believe it simply needs to be replaced. This is mostly due to the visual presence of an organic pollutant called ‘Lichen’. Lichen is actually a naturally occurring fungus that accumulates on your roof over time and various environmental conditions. It often appears as black or dark green streaks running vertically down your roof. Unfortunately, the accumulation of this organism on your roof is perceived to be the failure of the shingles.  However, can effectively and safely remove this organic pollutant from your roof with our Roof Cleaning Service and we have done so for many of our clients!  This will not only restore your roof to look like new again, but it will actually increase the life of your roof!

​​Roof & Gutter Cleaning
One of our favorite things to do when the weather warms up is to get together with family and friends outside on our decks to relax and make memories that will last a lifetime. The last thing anyone would want to remember while entertaining is unsightly mold and other buildup. Our team at Ultra Clean can be trusted to safely clean your deck or patio, whether it be to enhance its appearance or prepare it to be painted or stained. Wood is an organic  material that is vulnerable to many chemicals and excess pressure, which can cause it to splinter, degrading the integrity of your deck.

Our team utilizes a unique process consisting of a precise blend of cold water, low pressure, and chemicals that not only clean wooden surfaces but treat them as well. In addition we are able to provide the same services for other materials such as composite, brick, stone, tile, and much more.
​​Concrete & Sidewalk Cleaning
Ultra Clean offers premium Concrete Cleaning and Driveway Washing services. Power Washing concrete and concrete cleaning can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home as well as contribute to your family’s improved health. It’s very easy to overlook Driveway Cleaning because many times, homeowners are solely focused on the appearance of their home’s siding. Concrete cleaning around your home is important because dirt, contaminates, mold and mildew accumulate on your driveway and surrounding concrete twice as quickly as your home due to the surfaces being horizontal versus vertical in nature. Due to rain, condensation, and wash out from surrounding landscape, Driveway Cleaning and Concrete Cleaning Services are often needed more than our other professional Power Washing Services.

Our temperature-controlled Pressure Washing Service can safely and effectively remove years of neglect! By utilizing specialized, professional Power Washing Equipment, our technicians can restore your concrete to it’s highest potential.
​​ Preparing Your Home For Service
Please make sure that your water is accessible from the outside of your property.

Please put your animals in a safe place away from any work that we will be doing. This is to protect them from any service that we will be providing.

Do not park any cars close to the home as we will need enough room to move our ladders.

Please make sure that all of your windows are closed.

We are here to assist if you are not able to move any patio furniture or a grill that may be in the way. 

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